Name : Shane Edouard Haboucha
Birthdate : November 27, 1990
Birthplace : California
Resides : Irvine, Southern California
Sign : Sagittarius
Height : 5'4''
Hair Color : Dark Blonde
Eyes Color : Hazel Green
Mother : Bonnie
Father : Bert
Siblings : Younger Brother Theo born on 1994 (click here)
Pets : Two Dogs
Grade Level : 9th Grade
Religion : Jewish
Favorite Color : Doesn't Have One
Favorite Book : He only has time to read homework books
Favorite Sport : Ice/Roller Hockey
Favorite Music : Hip-Hop but he listens a wide variety of music
Favorite Actor : Sean Penn, because of his intensity towards his acting roles.
Favorite Pets : Dogs, Cats and Lizards
Hobbies : Shane loves to draw and is very good. He writes music and songs.

Shane is an amazing writer, he is actually completing his second script. He is creative driven in many ways, not only wanting to make his mark in front of the camera, but behind the camera as well...

He is left-handed.

He has a 1st Degree black belt - Kempo Karate.

He was discovered by a company called 'Pro Scout' and his first job was a HEB Foods commercial in Texas.

His personality is quite diverse : he can be shy at times, reserved and quiet, he speaks well. He never thinks he is big, he is very shy about that. He does NOT brag about anything. He can be noisy. He is curious, sensitive and down to Earth.

He is an accomplished athlete.

Shane does NOT hook up with anyone on the internet and because of his busy schedule has no girlfriend. He loves the internet when he has time but because he is so busy he rarely has time to chat with anyone.

Shane does his own rap type mixing and dubbing to music at his home and has a room set up as a mini studio.

He is also very smart with computer devices.

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