Almost every website out there has a disclaimer of some sort.
Usually it's just to cover the webmaster's hiney in case a legal emergency arises.

This Shane Haboucha unofficial fan-run site is a non-profit website unauthorized by or unaffiliated to Shane Haboucha, his family, his agents, management, or any of his projects.
Shane Haboucha Avenue is a 100% fansite, all content is merely presented by a fan to other fans.

I'm not Shane Haboucha, I don't know him, I can't contact him, he probably doesn't even know about this little website.
Nothing on this website is filtered, maintained, viewed, or approved by Shane.
He doesn't have any official website to my knowledge.

All photos found on this site are being used for entertainment purposes and are taken from sources made available to the public.
Pictures, articles and others are used without permission of their creators and are only used in informational purpose.
If you're the owner of the copyright and don't like your material here, please e-mail me and it's going to be removed.
No copyright infrigment is ever intended.
Credit is given for the source of all materials when known.
If anything found on this website if not accredited, just give me a hollar and I'll correct it.

If you see something here that you'd like to use for your website, ask me permission first.
I am a fairly resonable person, and I don't usually bite.

If you have found information on this website to be incorrect, please contact me about it as soon as you can.

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