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Movie idea/story line :
David is a boy who lost his parents in a fire and always gets pushed around by other kids. He only has one friend, Justin.
Then Justin has to move to LA because of his dad. Since David was living with Justin, he moved with him.
When they arrived at LA, Justin's family took David to the adoption place. Then he meets this girl named Reilly there and then this one lady adopts him.
He does not want to leave because he just met a new friend. Luckily, he is still going to live in LA near Justin.
On his first day of school, he meets this other girl named Haylie and soon he finds out that Haylies mom adopted Reilly.
And as the days go on David and Haylie become closer and closer until finally when David turns 17 they have their first kiss. They become a couple.
When they were playing a game in the attic, they found this book that said "Love" and then they read it together. It said that David's real parents weren't killed in a fire evil spirits took them away and that they are alive right now and that they will never die.
Then they heard someone whispering their names. It got louder and louder until it was blaring loud then the book started to shake and so did the attic floor and while all this was happening Haylie was still staring at the book and did not take her eyes off it.
Then it all stopped when Haylie took her eyes off the book. They went downstairs and no one was there then the noticed they were the last ones on earth. So they never looked at that book ever again...
Shane's co-stars :
Shane as David, Miley Cyrus as Haylie, Emily Osment as Reilly, Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Justin.
Director :
Kenny Ortega
Genre :

Movie idea/story line :
Damian is sixteen years old. He is autistic. He is verbal but not much.
He is subject to violent crisis when he is disturbed.
He spend his days in a special center and comes home at night, where his brother Benjamin, his father and mother waits for him.
One day, his brother takes him to his piano lesson.
This is a huge revelation, as Damian starts to play...
Shane's co-stars :
Shane (Damian), Julian Patton (Ben)
Director :
a good drama director
Genre :

Cast : Shane as Theodore, Ryan Kelley as Ben, Adam Wylie as Kash
Directed by Sean Penn
Theodore, 15, meets Ben, Mancie, Kash, Henry and Jude in front of his high school. With them, he discovers another side of life : drugs, lust, small deals, manipulation, criminality. Day after day, he loses all ties with his former life, that was so seemingly perfect. After two years, Ben, Mancie and he decide to quit the "bad life" but the others have something coming up and do not want them to go. Will they manage to start their new life, from meeting people who could help them in the street to accept stability ?

Cast : Shane...
Directed by Danny Boyle
They have always been six. Like brothers and sisters, Julian, Lucy, Richie, Luis, Anna and Ali have grown up in a hospital, battling for life. They made a pact for their unity and success over their diseases. But one day, Richie dies. The others, trying to cope with their grief and anger (he broke the promise), start a stimulating process together.

Movie idea/story line :
A teenage boy, Adam (Shane), has had dreams with recurring characters that look really real and that he can somewhat and somehow control, but he does not care about them, until he goes to live with his father in another town.
There, he discovers that the characters of his dreams really exist in this town and that his actions in the dreams seem to have an impact on their real alter-egos. For fun at first, he tries to control details of their lives.
As time goes, Adam's ability to control his dreams get more important, and the dreams take a more important place in his life, as he wants to control more and more the lives of people - for his and their own good, he thinks.
Only three of the persons he knows are not affected by his dreams : his father, his english teacher and a classmate, Liam, who just arrived in town and were not in the dreams. They see that there is something not right with Adam.
In the meantime, Adam's actions in real life depend on his actions in his dreams and have their own consequences, which were not necessarily what he first expected.
The thing is, does Adam really control people's lives or does he just confuse his realistic dreams and reality ?
The teacher, his father and Liam try to help him out.
Shane's co-stars :
Julia Roberts (Teacher), Myles Jeffrey (Liam)
Director :
a good sci-fi director
Genre :
sci-fi or drama, depending on how you develop it

Movie idea/story line :
1953. A young man from Boston, Kenneth (Shane), 15, has something against authority and established rules.
Although he is reluctant, he is sent away by his parents to spend the summer break with his a farm.
At first, he will not do anything but look at others working and making wry comments about the farmer's life, or preparing devilish tricks.
Soon, he meets Margaret, the daughter of another farmer, and falls in love with her.
But one of Kenneth's tricks's victims was Maggie's young brother James, so his feelings are not reciprocal at all.
To please her, and make her forgive him, mischievous Kenneth decides to become the nicest and most obliging boy in town, and the best farmer.
But this is not an easy task when even the cows and sheep do not like you. ;o)
Shane's co-stars :
Sean Penn (uncle), Alix Kermes (Margaret), Christopher Kovaleski (James)
Director :
a good drama director
Genre :

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