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We have a new affiliate. This is a website in Spanish about the actor Barney Clark but an english version is coming soon.
November 15, 2006 by Twinkle

Update - NEWS!
Shane was offered the role to play the voice of Robin for The Justice League cartoon series... he just began recording this week!
November 2, 2006 by Twinkle

Just added 2 videos of Desperation.

October 28, 2006 by Twinkle

Thanks a lot to Flora who finally scanned for you her autograph of Shane she got for her birthday !
A BIG thank you to Bert Haboucha (and Shane) who sent it very quickly and who is always kind with us.

October 24, 2006 by Twinkle

Screencaps + new Affiliate
Added 47 "That's So Raven" Screencaps. Enjoy :)
Added an affiliate : Adrian Alonso [dot] net

October 7, 2006 by Twinkle

I've just added an old interview of Shane into the transcripts page.
I'm also very mad to see that there are posers of Shane on myspace (and other sites). The posers are not loyal fans AT ALL, they don't support him by doing that. And they just don't respect my work on the site by stealing all the pictures and stuff...
SHANE DOES NOT HAVE ANY PROFILE ANYWHERE !!! (myspace, xanga, neopets etc...)
September 10, 2006 by Twinkle

Thanks a lot to Ashley who sent in an awesome scan of the autograph she got from Shane.

September 9, 2006 by Twinkle

Hey, I finally added the 2 recent headshots in the gallery.

I updated the facts page with a new "trivia".
Have you seen the new avatars made by Julia ? They are great.
August 29, 2006 by Twinkle

I have just added a lot of new affiliates !
August 25, 2006 by Twinkle

I just added 4 videos of without a trace, click here. More videos of without a trace are coming soon, but that's sad I can't make videos of Desperation...
I also updated the 'professionals' page but that doesn't concern you.
August 22, 2006 by Twinkle

I know, I have to add the new headshots and the videos, but here is an amazing wallpaper made by Julia. Two avatars are also coming soon.
August 21, 2006 by Twinkle

New layout
Welcome to the newest version of the site! I like it better because it looks more professional and Shane grown up, as you can see...
Thanks a lot to Julia who did a great job.
More updates are coming soon, such as 4 new videos of Without a Trace, and 2 exclusive new headshots of Shane. And maybe some fanarts.. bye!
August 15, 2006 by Twinkle

Added 8 new avatars! Check them out :)
August 12, 2006 by Julia

Casting Couch
Thank you Caitlyn Jones for the new casting couch. You can read it here !
July 26, 2006 by Twinkle

Welcome to our newest affiliate : Kevin Schmidt Online.
I've putted the link on the top affiliates because Kevin was a co-star of Shane on Monk !
June 27, 2006 by Twinkle

Thanks Nicolas for making one avatar and one bookmark, go to the goodies section to see its.
Here is the cover for the DVD edition of Desperation. I added the picture on the gallery.
The DVD will be released on August 29. It will include an interview with Stephen King, commentary of the director Mick Garris and a making of (hopefully with Shane on it).
June 11, 2006 by Twinkle

Twinkle just made a wallpaper of Desperation. That's all !
June 4, 2006 by Flora

Casting Couch
Thanks Nicolas for the new Casting Couch I've just added.
June 3, 2006 by Twinkle

Shane had a great but disappointing pilot season...he went to network and tested for a total of 4 pilots...unfortunately another won out...summer movie season is just around the corner, so he is hoping for something there....he is an amazing actor and something great is just around the corner :)
May 30, 2006 by Twinkle

The 460 screencaps of Desperation are finaly on the gallery. That's all for today !

Now, we don't have anything new to add on the site.
But you can contribute, we always love to receive wallpapers, fanarts...
May 29, 2006 by Twinkle

HQ Pics!
You can see 29 high quality promotional pictures for Desperation on the gallery. A big thank you to Julie.

The screencaps will be added soon. But sorry, the quality may not be very good...
Skyler made a new fanart of Shane. Thank you, I added it too.
May 28, 2006 by Twinkle

Fact and fanart
Thank you Skyler for the new fanart. I have just added it on the gallery. Boys attitude rocks ! ;-)
I updated the facts page, because Shane is growing up, he is actually 5'4''
May 27, 2006 by Twinkle

I have just added one Desperation picture on the gallery, more to come soon.
May 26, 2006 by Twinkle

Wallpaper and stuff
Hi again. I'm sorry but I will have no access to the internet in June, so I will not be able to update the site... :'(( Flora might update sometimes, but she's very busy too. I will add the Desperation screencaps in early July, hopefully.
Nicolas made us a great wallpaper about Desperation. Thank you !
May 23, 2006 by Twinkle

I updated the "contact Shane" page because he is no longer with Simmons and Scott management. You can still write to him with his Talent Agency fanmail.
Reminder : DESPERATION will air Tuesday, May 23th on ABC, at 8 pm !!! Can't wait !
May 23, 2006 by Twinkle

HUGE update
Hello! I'm back with tons of surprises for you!!!
First, we changed our host. It will not change anything to you, our address is still http://shane-haboucha.ca.cx, but it changes everything for us ! We have more webspace for the upcoming videos.
Then, welcome to our new co-webbi, Julia. You remember, she already made us layouts. Now she's just on the staff like Flora and me. I'm so glad about it! And to celebrate this new event, Julia made us this new awesome layout!
I think that Desperation will be a big turn for Shane's career, and also for the website, so I decided that's it's time we had a new design. And we also have a new gallery, easier to use for everyone.
A new HQ headshot has been added, and two new wallpapers. Check them out on the gallery!
The next update will include... surprises!
Dont forget to watch Desperation on ABC, in May 23th.
May 21, 2006 by Twinkle

Site's Bday
The site has one year old. Happy Birthday !
April 26, 2006 by Twinkle

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